What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the latest ERP software solution from Microsoft. It is a flexible and comprehensive business-IT software (integrated business information system) for recording, monitoring, and controlling company processes. The system unites all business functions (finance and accounting, sales, procurement, projects, warehouse and stock, production, and service) into a single IT platform. It provides the company with a high degree of automation, standardization, flexibility, and improvement of business processes.

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Who is this system for?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is intended for every company that wants to digitize its business, which practically means that it will execute its business processes, operational activities, planning, management, and control through a single integrated IT system. As a member of the ERP software group, the system supports a wide range of advanced functionalities related to planning, system proposals, budgeting, projections, and reporting. The essence of ERP system implementation should be in implementing and using these advanced options to the greatest extent possible.

What functionalities does the system support?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a modular system. So, the system consists of separate modules, that is, groups of related functionalities, which support the operations of one business function. The modules are mutually integrated, but they can be used separately, depending on the company’s business sphere, organization, and needs in the new system. In addition to standard modules, the system can include modules developed by partners or external systems that integrate with the ERP system.

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Why choose this particular system?

There are many ERP systems on the market, so it is always a logical question of which one to choose. Even if the client decides on one of the standard world ERP software, the next question is which software of that group to determine. The widespread use of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system is because Microsoft is behind this solution. Microsoft, a symbol for software in general, created the system and incorporated the knowledge and experience of tens of thousands of companies through its 30 years of working with ERP software.

Technical characteristics and the question Cloud or server?

Over the years, the solution has evolved along with changes in standards: every couple of years, Microsoft launches a new version based on modern technologies. This way, the clients get investment security and keep pace with global technological trends. Microsoft designed the system so that the database can be placed anywhere: on own server, on a rented server, on a leased Cloud, or own Cloud. So, the system can be deployed anywhere, as all installation options are supported, depending on the client’s wishes.

Localized and translated

Although an American manufacturer (Microsoft) designed the solution, the system is completely localized and translated for the countries of our region. As part of IN2 Belgrade, we provide system localization and translation for the countries we most often work in, which are not covered by standard Microsoft localization. The number of our regional users shows that our localization provides all the necessary options for work and legal reporting and ensures a high degree of automation, especially in local reporting.