Implementation of the Dynamics 365 Business Central

We are the right address if you want to improve your business with the state-of-the-art Microsoft ERP system. Our team of experienced personnel, working together on implementation projects for years, guarantee a successful project. On the project, we can share experiences from several dozen implementation projects in the country, region, and throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. In the industries and references section, you can see our experiences and how many different companies we have digitized with this business software.

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Support and maintenance of Dynamics 365 Business Central

After implementing an information system, support services are just as important as the implementation process itself, and we understand that. At IN2, we strongly believe in long-term partnerships, so we pay a lot of attention to providing our clients with the best possible support. We offer our clients a wide range of standard support packages, depending on the complexity, needs, and wishes, with the possibility of defining specific support conditions. See testimonials from our users that confirm how we are devoted to quality support and long-term cooperation.

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Contact us. Within the IN2 group, we can offer various IT and consulting services related to multiple types of business software.

Improvement of business processes

The implementation of world-renowned integrated business-information systems is closely connected with the change in business organization and the adoption of world standards. We can help improve the internal organization, identify opportunities for savings and a better work process, or share the experiences of recognized global companies, which are incorporated into the systems we implement. Contact us for help and support in digital transformation and the maximum use of the standard features of the world’s renowned software.

Standard system implementation

Do you want to implement an eminent ERP system in a short period? Do you want to adopt the world’s best practices and work organization? Are you open to changing your work habits? We offer a fast implementation method, where you quickly get a world-known software solution. Standard implementation starts from the premise that the client fully adapts to the system, accepting the processes, functionalities, and work steps defined by Microsoft. Several dozen of clients can confirm this implementation variant’s speed, quality, and complete security.

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