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IN2 Belgrade is part of the IN2 group, which is s first thought about software in general in the ex-Yu region. Belgrade is the IN2 Group's center of expertise for Dynamics NAV/Business Central and one of the most reliable partners for implementing and supporting this system in the region.

Why to chose IN2?

We are focused on long-term cooperation and excellent relationship with clients. Check out some testimonials from our users.


„We have to highlight the excellent communication, quality of work, and expertise of IN2 Belgrade employees. We are very satisfied with the cooperation. We would be very happy to recommend IN2 Belgrade to anyone considering implementing the informational system.“

MLADEN PRATLJAČIĆ Mladegs Pak Sales Director

„Aware of the importance of information systems, we invested a lot of effort in choosing an adequate IT solution. We were looking for software and a company with significant references in the food industry that can meet our requirements. Choosing Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the company IN2 turned out to be a complete hit.“


„IN2 did the job very professionally. They fulfilled all obligations on time and with high quality. We are satisfied with the cooperation, especially with the communication. The reliability of the company that provides software services is extremely important to us due to the dynamic nature of the business.“

Sanja Jonke Real Group Media Director

“We are grateful to our IN2 team, who firmly held our hands, guided us through this demanding process, and had boundless patience for our questions and concerns. With them, we finished a huge job. Always smiling and ready for any challenge, fast and efficient - we would recommend our IN2 team to everyone.”

Goran Vrhovac CEO, Mladegs Pak d.o.o.

„By implementing the Microsoft Dynamics NAV in our business processes, we received a tool that significantly improved all our business processes. We are very happy with the informational system and IN2 Belgrade.“

Dino Zarić Gold Group Project Manager

„When we agree with IN2 Belgrade, we are sure the agreement will be respected. I am satisfied with everything, so I have no additional comments or wishes.“

Svetlana Vukajlović Meris Head of Accounting

„.The results at the project's end align with our initial expectations. All contracted processes were completed on time and within the agreed conditions. All functions are linked, and data obtained by various reports are 100% accurate and reliable. We would recommend IN2 to anyone looking to implement a system.“

Bojan Tafra IT, Galeb d.o.o.

„We are extremely satisfied with the IN2 Belgrade (ERP) team and the IN2 group Retail team. We can give them the best marks and praise the cooperation.“

Juraj Sinanović Real Group CFO

„The implementation of ERP is certainly the most complex campaign we have ever done, and we are extremely glad that we chose IN2 as a partner on this journey.“

Miljko Drobnjak Largo Project Manager

" I must express my delight with the work completed by Vojislav. These are just words of praise for his thorough approach and the vast knowledge and experience he possesses. I am positively surprised by the beginning of our cooperation. For the others from in2, the task is now to maintain the level that Vojislav set :)"

Ivana Kraišnik Aller Aqua Balkan Head of Accounting

"We work very well with the consultants from IN2, and we are very satisfied with the work done during the project, and through maintenance and support. They know their job very well, provide us with fast and quality support, and help us with all situations and challenges. We are happy to have such a company by our side."

Dragana Simović Mladegs Pak Ketchup Production Director

"Our ketchup production is highly intensive and takes place in three work shifts and is followed by the production of packaging, bottles, and caps. Microsoft Dynamics significantly facilitated planning and managing production while minimizing errors, which brought additional quality and an easier way of working in ketchup production."

Mihael Palić Gold Group Retail Director

"Since cooperation with the IN2 group began, I have emphasized the importance of better horizontal integration through departments. Lately, great progress has been seen in that area."

Svetlana Vukajlović Meris Head of Accounting

"Our experiences with IN2 Belgrade are excellent, both for the old system (Dynamics NAV version 5) and for the new one (Dynamics NAV 2017). We recommend IN2 to everyone as a partner for implementing and maintaining the Dynamics ERP system."

Ivan Dominković Žito Group Project Manager

"The shortest and simplest (although I could write on two pages): Fast and efficient, but above all proficient and professional."

Zorica Milanović BUCK CFO

"We would always recommend IN2 as a company for implementing and supporting the Microsoft ERP system. Fast reaction to requests, the serious approach to different levels of inquiries, and simple and effective solutions are the main characteristics of the long-term cooperation with IN2."


We are focused on quality, confirmed by our clients’ testimonials.

The results of a survey conducted by the Belgrade Faculty of Economics market research department show that 10 out of every 11 of our users are ABSOLUTELY SURE to recommend IN2 Belgrade for implementing the ERP system.

Industries we have the most experience with


We have experience in dozens of manufacturing companies that we digitalized. Whether you are individual, serial, or mass production, contact us, we have the knowledge and experience to improve your business with the informational system.


Contact us if you are a company selling and distributing products from recognized global manufacturers. On many trade and distribution projects, with Dynamics 365 Business Central we ensured highly automated, integrated, and standardized business processes.


The service sector is often particularly challenging and demanding. However, with the introduction of an ERP system, we improved the business of many clients dealing with services: IT, banking, logistics, shipping, media, marketing, and many others.


Medicine and pharmacy are well known to us. Successful implementation projects across Europe, accumulated experience, and developed specific vertical additions to the ERP system can facilitate your business.


We are familiar with many other industries. We are the right address if you want an world-known, integrated, information system and if you work with service management, engineering, collection, re-production, retail, or publications.

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