Our team has been together for almost 10 years, and for most, IN2 is their first job.

Through years of joint work, the team has built the desired way of organizing implementation and maintenance projects,

informal communication, team spirit, and knowledge-sharing culture.

We like to socialize formally and informally and always find time and energy for it.

What do our colleagues say about working in IN2?

Aleksandra Vasiljević Senior software engeneer Dynamics NAV/365 BC

I joined IN2 in January 2016 and started my career as a junior developer. Over the years, I had the opportunity to progress, work on challenging projects, gain rich experience, and meet wonderful and dedicated people.

Danijela Dimitrijević Senior business consultant Dynamics NAV/365 BC

Working in such a team of young, hard-working, and promising people is a great pleasure! I recommend IN2 to anyone looking for an opportunity to improve their knowledge on interesting projects in different areas of the industry, but at the same time, they want a dedicated team and a great working atmosphere.

Željka Čeperković Senior software engeneer Dynamics NAV/365 BC

In 2013, after graduating from university, I joined IN2. Challenging projects, working with the latest technologies, and a good working atmosphere, but primarily dedicated and great colleagues on whom I can always rely, contributed to still work here today. It's a privilege to be part of the IN2 team!

Petar Jakšić Senior software engeneer

I started working at IN2 Belgrade in 2017 as a junior backend engineer, where I joined a great team. I have been in IN2 for most of my career, thanks to the people surrounding me, interesting projects, and flexibility.

Vojislav Nikolić System administrator and technical consultant

Proof that it is not necessary to be big and that everything develops from small is best characterized by IN2 Belgrade. A quality team that has been created for years now allows us to face even the most difficult obstacles, which, as always, we successfully solve 😊.

Slađana Atanasovski Dynamics NAV/365 BC consultant

Because the atmosphere is often classroom, and the teacher is cool. Because there are no unsolvable problems, only bigger/smaller challenges, everything is possible with an agreement if you are committed to your work and if you are there because you love what you do. New projects arrive regularly, and old clients stay for years. Because In2jzer is a seriously good beer.

Dušan Mitić CEO

Our greatest asset is our team. We are especially proud that our team has been together for a long time, almost 10 years, and that many of the IN2 squad started their careers here. It shows our continuity but also our accumulated expertise and team spirit.

What are the teams like in the IN2 group?

The teams in the IN2 group are characterized by exceptional dedication to work, meticulousness, and teamwork, but we achieve all this while maintaining a positive spirit.

In the attached video, IN2 Group executives talk about their teams.

We love to socialize and always find time for it

Our team loves socializing and takes advantage of every formal and informal opportunity. As a regional group member, we have several team-building activities every year (at the company level and the IN2 group sector level) and several celebrations every year (Christmas celebration, group or company jubilees, New Year’s celebration).

In addition, we celebrate new projects, achieved successes, and every achievement we make.


We try to provide our employees with the best possible working conditions.

Below, we underline some of the benefits of working with us.