The IN2 Belgrade has signed a contract with Clover Imaging Group, to implement Microsoft’s new ERP solution Dynamics 365 BC in Serbia and several other countries. Clover Imaging Group is a leading global provider of electronic device lifecycle management and innovative environmental solutions.

Clover Imaging Group, which exists for over 25 years, is headquartered in the US, but also has 34 facilities in 14 countries, generating annual revenues over $ 1 billion. It is one of the largest European manufacturers of cartridges for various types of digital printing, and one of the companies is also located in Serbia, in town Petrovaradin.

In the companies in Serbia, Germany and Portugal, this Group used the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP solution, but after a thorough analysis it was decided not to extend the existing solutions, but to implement a completely new solution – Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC. This responsible task has been entrusted to IN2, which has been recognized as a responsible partner – although this ERP solution has become available since April 2019.

IN2 has implemented analysis, as the first implementation phase, for companies in Petrovaradin and Ettenheim, Germany, and is simultaneously working on developing and testing localization for the Dynamics 365 BC for the Serbian market, as Clover decided to implement the solution on its infrastructure.

About the client
Founded as Clover Technologies Group in 1996 in Illinois, USA, as a toner reproducer, through strategic acquisitions and organic growth, the company has grown to become a multi-billion dollar global business, covering all aspects of the print industry – from manufacturing to collection, services and parts.
Today, it operates in 14 countries, with 34 manufacturing facilities, as the Clover Imaging Group.

Through its channels, the Clover Imaging Group offers unique support, collection of empties and solutions for independent dealers, OEMs and resellers, and includes the most respected and renowned brands in the industry, such as: MSE, Dataproducts, Freecolor, MICR, Re-Post, Clover Environmental Solutions, Collecture, Axess Managed Print Services.
Cover invests in a engineering, automation and robotics; it has an extensive portfolio of patented technologies, products, services and solutions, as well as a leading program for the collection of empty toner cartridges and electronic waste and recycling programs. All of these resources are available to Clover Imaging Group partners and are designed to support growth, innovation and shared success.