Around 100 managers and employees of the Vela Software company, including IN2 representatives from the Belgrade office, attended Vela Vertical Market Software (VMS) Summit. The Summit was held from the 18th to the 20th of September in Pula, Croatia. Vela Software company is the operational group that belongs to Canadian company Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), the mother company of IN2.

Vela European VMS101 conference is intended for managers and talents recognized inside of the group. It is designed as a combination of the group’s best practices presentations – case studies and opportunities for socializing and exchange of experience among Vela Software group members. The main focus of the gathering was on the leadership aspect.
This significant conference was attended by Dušan Mitić, General Manager of the IN2 company Belgrade. On this occasion Mr. Mitić stated: “This conference confirmed that Vela Software company nurtures collaboration and knowledge sharing between employees, which is demonstrated by ideas and examples discussed at this event. It is a special pleasure to meet in person with the company managers from different parts of the world and share experiences.”

According to Katarina Šiber Makar, President of the Board, the development of employees and their preparation for a further growth of CSI and assuming their wider responsibilities within the Group is one of the most important goals of the CSI Group in the context of leadership. She also said that the fact that gathering on the European level was held in these areas, can be seen as a gesture of support for IN2 and its expert team.

“We are a company that nurtures collaboration and exchanging best practices, so the idea of this conference is to meet and share experiences, especially when it comes to different business challenges. Given the quality of the local team, I believe there will be an opportunity for that in the future,” concluded Mike Byrne, Chairman of the IN2 Group Supervisory Board and CEO of Aquila Software, a member of Vela Software Group to which IN2 belongs.