We have successfully completed a new regional project for OTP insurance in Serbia, where we’ve implemented INsurance2 Front Office to sell insurance in offices of Vojvođanska bank. 

This implementation is an introduction and preparation for the upcoming integration of OTP bank and Vojvođanska banka in May of 2021. This merger will create the second largest commercial bank in Serbia, and the number of offices that uses this solution will increase from 90 to 210.

The use of INsurance2 Front Office will allow for easier and integrated sale of life insurance policies in offices, in the shortest time, thanks to the incredibly high level of automation of retrieving needed data from the system. This solution will provide the clients an opportunity to make insurance deals as quickly and easily as possible, while taking care of other bank tasks as well. This makes insurance a complementary service to their banking products.

“Implementing this solution in its business processes, OTP insurance continues with digitalization of services, as a crucial prerequisite to enhancing customer experience and satisfaction. We’re expecting a challenging period of integration during which we’ll be preparing for a significant increase in number of offices. As much of a success this represents for us, it is also our responsibility to our users to provide fast and efficient access to our services, which we’ll achieve with this new solution”, says Ivan Jovanović, the Chairman of the OTP Insurance Board of Directors.

“This project is a continuation of a long and quality partnership that IN2 and OTP Insurance in Serbia have had since 2014. It best shows our knowledge and experience of developing applications aimed at easing the use of our services for our users, as well as of implementation of complex insurance products. We’ve had a dozen of our experts work on the project, showing that IN2 is a reliable partner even in the extraordinary circumstances that we’ve found ourselves during the pandemic”, were the words of Vedran Krevatin, the Managing Director of the Insurance sector of IN2 Group.