DRONEfest is the largest conference on unmanned aircraft in the region. Once a year, it gathers experts, amateurs, business and academia, as well as state institutions with the intention to promote and build the unmanned aircraft industry and support their implementation in business. The conference is the most important regional platform for connecting those who develop solutions and potential customers and customers.

The main topics of the conference include industry trends and the possibility of commercial application of drones in different business areas (agriculture, photo & video, trade, security and security, construction …)

This year’s second edition of DRONEfest, organized by IN2 Group and Eventa01, was held at the Plaza Event Center in Zagreb. The conference brought together more than 300 participants from 8 countries in the region.

“The continuous development of unmanned aircraft and sensors opens up a range of opportunities for new and innovative business scenarios in a number of business verticals. This conference is a unique platform for everyone who wants to improve their knowledge and business using unmanned aircraft and advanced software solutions based on them, “said IN2 member Katarina Šiber Makar.

IN2 was presented at DRONEfest with 2 papers.

The conference was attended by BioSense Institute and Logit, Koptershop and Group Aria. If the drones have already found practical application in everyday business, there are unambiguous examples of these companies. Agrivi, which operates in over 150 countries of the world, counts as many as 35,000 users, as well as Logit, which just got its 1000th user and won the first place on the DroneDeploy list.

More information about the DRONEfest conference can be found at the official website dronefest.in2.hr.