We decided to be a part of association Lil’ Brave One (Hrabriša)! To help small, brave children in their struggle for a healthy life.
In January, we joined the humanitarian campaign “One t-shirt is donations worthy” to help the association Lil’ Brave One (in Serbian Hrabriša). It is not a classic donation, the funds are collected through the sale of t-shirts and promo packages. The aim is to spread the message of the Lil’ Brave One association and bring awareness that there are children suffering from neurotransmitter diseases and that they need help.

We joined this humanitarian campaign because we think that even small help means a lot. We picked out these lovely cotton bags from the package that we gave to our colleagues in the spirit of March. Beside helping association Lil’ Brave One (Hrabriša) organization, we also protect the environment! The cloth bags, made of natural materials, can perfectly replace plastic bags.

The association Lil’ Brave One (in Serbian Hrabriša) was founded on 21st December 2016 to provide support to the families with children suffering from neurotransmitter diseases, dopa-responsive dystonia and other neurometabolic disorders, so that the families could have the right to adequate diagnostics and adequate treatment in the Republic of Serbia and abroad.

We know that the treatment is easier and the results of the therapy better if a neurotransmitter disease is diagnosed as early as possible and the therapy starts immediately. Thus, with a great desire to help the little ones to be diagnosed and have the appropriate treatments as soon as possible, plus with the desire to raise awareness of the existence of these disorders, their treatments and further research, we founded the association Lil’ Brave One.

You can join this awesome campaign by purchasing t-shirts or donating on their site. The main goal of the campaign is to include as many people as possible to wear t-shirts and spread awareness for this disease and help these children, and open possibility for other people to join association Lil’ Brave One (Hrabriša).