Have you considered how to improve your business in everyday work, how to adjust your company’s growth in a faster and easier way to a changing market? Take a look at the example of good practice, Vetmetal Company, which aims to have modern business solutions to its all business processes, as well as setting standards in work organization, as well as relations with clients.

In order to improve its business, standardize its business processes and create the highest quality basis for business analysis and monitoring, Vetmetal decided to implement the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 solution. And from this year, NAV 17 is being implemented on Cloud.

The main reasons for implementing this renowned and globally recognized solution is the support of the company’s growing business, automation in everyday work, faster and easier response to the changing market in which it operates, and having the world’s best practices in the business processes organization.

Before implementing the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, the company used the NAV Express solution, which is a smaller and faster solution for business system support. However, certain problems that existed during and after the implementation, but also due to the growth of the company itself and the increased need for a better quality solution, as well as faster and better consulting support, Vetmetal decided to switch to one of the most well-known global solutions, Microsoft Dynamics NAV in cooperation with IN2 Belgrade.

“We have to keep up with the trend and strive to use the most advanced world tools. Our company needed a stable and high-quality solution that would support the current mode of operation, but also provide the basis for possible changes in business, which are inevitable in this changing market, and we found this in the Dynamics NAV solution “- Nebojša Kovačević, about the reasons for choosing the Dynamics NAV solution at Vetmetal.

IN2 has successfully implemented a business solution at Vetmetal, which functions smoothly since the beginning of 2016. The implementation was done within the agreed deadline, and in addition to the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV modules (financial management, procurement management, sales and marketing management, inventory management and warehouses), the implementation included the IN2 localization for the Republic of Serbia, which provides work by regulations and legal regulations, as well as the IN2 retail management module, according to the large volume of retail sales within Vetmetal’s business.

IN2 proved to be a great partner, who implemented the solution very well and within the agreed time. Considering Vetmetal’s customer-focused approach and large retail sales, quick respond of consultants is crucial, and IN2 responded in an extraordinary way.” -Nebojša Kovačević, Vetmetal

The reasons for choosing IN2 as a partner are experience and the knowledge in implementing Dynamics solutions, quality localization confirmed by a large number of clients, as well as fostering a quality relationship with the client, in the part of the support and consulting.

As a company that strives for the best business solutions and adopting the best standard world practices, working with Vetmetal in 2018, IN2 Belgrade implemented one of the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, in the Cloud and Microsoft Platform Azure. It is a new method of implementation that companies are increasingly using in the world, due to greater data security, reducing the risk of losing information, and reducing hardware investments.

“It is a pleasure to work with Vetmetal, a company that is constantly focused on improvements and adoption of the best global practices that the new versions of Dynamics NAV offer.” – Dušan Mitić, Team leader of Microsoft Dynamics NAV department

Implementation of the solution is in progress, and the plan is to start with a new version in the coming months. Vetmetal entrusted this project (Microsoft Azure) to IN2 Belgrade, as a partner with whom collaborated extremely well in recent years.

Company Vetmetal is one of the market leaders in the sale of dental material, wholesale and retail, on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. The company was founded in 1992., since then it has specialized for distribution of materials in the field of endodontics, orthodoxies, oral hygiene, implantology and dental techniques, and among the manufacturers of materials and equipment that distribute are Lege Artis, Meisinger, Favodent, Bego, VDW and many other world-renowned manufacturers.