As a certified Dynamics partner for Serbia, we were entrusted to implement the Microsoft Dynamics NAV business information system at D-Company, which we started some time ago. We successfully completed the project of business process analysis, development of project plan and development of functional requirements document.

D-Company was in the process of expanding the business and building a new production facility, and in the short-term, we stopped the implementation that we are now proudly continuing, and we hope that the other phases of the project will be successfully implemented.

“D-Company is a company that employs more than 350 employees, which makes it one of the leading domestic production companies. D-Company is focused on continuous improvement of the production process, investments in the most advanced production equipment and continuous investment in expanding the product range, so ERP solutions implementation is very much needed as a precondition for monitoring the process in the company and the basis for further growth. Although the southeast is traditionally considered the most undeveloped part of Serbia, D-Company shows that in this part of the country it is possible to successfully run business, and to survive for many years, with large production company, employing a large number of local workers, as one of the world’s leading manufacturers in part of the mold for car tires. ” – Dušan Mitić, Team leader of Microsoft Dynamics NAV department

The basic goal of the system implementation is business standardization, process automation and the creation of a quality basis for reporting. Automated ordering from suppliers but also customer orders, systematic monitoring of receivables and debts, control of logistics and physical stock flows, and a completely reliable aspect of finance and payroll accounting, are basic requirements for further growth of the company, and they are fundamental requirements for the implementation of the new solutions.

However, the biggest challenge of implementation is to cover the production process with a new solution, since monitoring of production is of crucial importance for D-Company. The challenge is especially reflected in the production process which is extremely specific, since the molds are made according to the specific requirements of clients, with frequent repairs and overhauls of existing molds. Mold making is a long-term process, which goes through several stages and a longer period, involving a large number of machines and workers, so it is of utmost importance to monitor the whole process, from making technical specifications to the completion of mold design and dispatch to the customer.

“Since D Company has a large production capacity, the new system is expected to make significant improvements in the part of scheduling work orders, allocating resources, and monitoring load and capacity utilization, to which we will put a special focus during implementation.” – Dušan Mitić, Team leader of Microsoft Dynamics NAV department

As IN2 already has experience in successful implementation of Dynamics NAV solutions in specialized production processes and in companies that manufacture on customer’s orders, we can guarantee that the implementation will be successfully completed and that the client will have the expected improvements from the implementation of the new solution.

About client

D-Company is a company based in Babušnica, which produces and sale molds for motor tires. In its product range, it offers pneumatic tires from 10 “to 52” in various designs and applying different production methods.

The company started operating in 1991 by producing iron mold parts. After a few years, the company started making complete molds and today it is a widely known company that manufactures and sells its molds to the reputable world and domestic tire manufacturers.

The company is highly technically equipped as it constantly invests in the latest and highest quality machines involved in the production process.