On Thursday, March 14, 2017. an educational workshop on precise agriculture organized by the BioSense Institute in Novi Sad. The workshop brought together agricultural producers and lecturers from eminent institutes and IT companies. Divided into four sections, the lectures included management of irrigation, remote reading of parameters, plant protection and management of agricultural production. Lecturers from the Biosens Institute and Mihajlo Pupin and DunavNET, Logit, Velaware and IN2 presented concrete solutions and applications that are already widely used in Western Europe and the US, and whose application in Serbia will contribute to a significant improvement in agricultural production.

Tihomir Šašić from IN2 presented Sample Planner, an IN2 mobile application for generating a list of tasks based on NDV (normalized difference vegetation) index that farmers automatically point to a site that is detected as problematic, which drastically reduces the time needed to locate and handle possible problems on the ground, shortens the time spent in the open field and affects the yield increase.

BioSense Institute

The BioSense Institute as a multidisciplinary center for research, development and application of IT solutions combines modern achievements of information technology and agriculture. By applying micro and nanoelectronics, signal processing, remote reading of parameters, data science, robotics and biosciences, BioSense at the daily level contributes the development of self-sustaining agriculture. The Institute participates in a number of international development projects, including Horizon2020, FP7 and Eureka. www.biosens.rs