The idyllic eco-village Koštunići, a peaceful place surrounded by nature, was our destination for adventure games. Archery, kayaking, delicious national kitchen are just a part of the phenomenal team building.

“The location was amazing and the overall atmosphere was perfect!” – Milan Jevtić, general manager

Our adventure started on the road, with an unexpected situation with the bus. This was the first task, to find a way to get a bus out that went wrong in the curve. Various ideas were carried out, but in the end, the organizers sent another transportation to get us to the planned location and start the right team building tasks.

Organizers from Wild Serbia have designed interesting adventurous games for our company. Games that encourage teams to work together, to get to know each other better and motivate us.

We divided into teams, mixed up all sectors, in order to hang out with colleagues who usually do not cooperate with each other. And then we got a map where the locations and first tasks were plotted.

“It was a great idea to split teams in such a way that people who spend the least time together had to complete tasks in one group. This enabled me to communicate with colleagues whom I’ve never had contact before.” – Petar Jakšić, software engineer

Each team went on a different route and nobody knew if they were on the right track. We passed through the yards, skipped the fences, climb up the hill and found a next task, a big tree with climbing ropes hanging over. The next challenge is to climb the rope, oh.. all praise for those who succeeded, and those who tried it. The best one was our dear colleague Nataša Ivanišević. After that, we went into the woods, looking for the following challenges.

When we crossed the forest challenges – ropes and tires, we continued our path down the road where targets were waiting for us. We tried in archery, a little more hits outside the target, but it was a phenomenal experience.


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We crossed the stream, someone barefoot, someone managed to skip the water, someone fell in, we were a little wet but prepared for the last task – kayak! We took the oars, moved into a kayak, and started shifting team members to the opposite shore of the lake.

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All in all, an excellent experience, where we all together laughed, helped each other, made this a successful team building.

“I very much enjoyed getting to know the team a little better in a more relaxed and casual environment, especially those that I don’t have much regular contact with. I think that this certainly boosted the team spirit.” – Nataša Bišof, marketing manager

After successfully completing all the challenges we celebrated with dinner and music, which was cherry on the cake.

Thank you very much Wild Serbia on the great organization and for creating interesting challenges for us, we fulfilled our team building goal.