The IN2 Informatički inžinjering was awarded a certificate for the localization of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia. The certification verifies that the localization passed the testing process (CfMD) which Microsoft uses to ensure that the localization meets the highest standards for customization of the solution required by local regulations and that it conforms to all Microsoft Dynamics policies, as well.

IN2 certified localization is a set of functionalities that ensure compliance with the laws and regulations of the countries listed. The solution encompasses all forms and reports, accounting schemes and records prescribed by the legislation. The flexibility of the solution enables numerous ways of adjusting the modes of operation and it is applicable to all countries in the region, and with minor modifications, it can be applied to many global markets.

In addition to functionalities related to legal regulation, IN2 localization includes a range of performances that facilitate and speed up business operations within the system, including some of the optional, but very useful functionalities such as additional controls that minimize the possibility of user error, additional automation, reports and records. A wide range of adjustment options allows users to determine how the solution will function in situations when the law prescribes more than one possible solution.

Localization is more responsive to regulatory changes, because by adjusting the settings a large number of changes can be exceeded, such as VAT rate changes, taxes and insurance contributions, accounts for down payments, changes in document display in VAT reporting and other similar adjustments. For functionalities that are not regulated by statutory regulations, these comprehensive customizations allow customers to choose the desired mode of operation of the functionality in order to select the version that best suits their specific needs.