As part of IoT initiative of our new sector “Digital Business“ we have started pilot-project for evaluation and use of Low Power Wide Area Network technologies (LPWAN) for collection of data from sensors and other devices, their monitoring and control by sending of small amounts of data over a long range, while maintaining low energy consumption. Depending on technology implemented, it is possible to send messages consisting of several hundred bytes on distance up to 10 kilometers with the battery life of 5-10 years.

Solutions based on such platform enable connecting of many devices with a collection of data in ways that were economically almost impossible before. They are suitable for projects in Smart Energy, Smart City and Smart Agriculture fields, and for all other solutions which use digital and communications technologies for efficiency improvement.

As part of our IoT initiative, we plan to organize a conference about the use of LPWAN technologies in business with special focus on utility companies. This initiative is part of digital transformation of IN2 with goal to complement our portfolio of solutions and services and commitment to enter new business areas and technologies with our R&D activities, including solutions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), serialization, blockchain technologies and advanced digital platforms.