The past news was about digitalization projects of state institutions, and this one is the sequel. Communication between public and private companies is very important, and our colleagues from the IN2 group have implemented certain information systems that facilitate digitization and communication.

Public Presentation of the Key Results of the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts and Partners of Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Project – e-Invoicing for Croatian Public Authorities

The Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, as the CEF Telecom Coordinator and Project Coordinator, organized a public presentation of the key results of CEF project “e-INVOICING for Croatian Public Authorities” (eICPA).

The objective of the project is aimed at promoting and accelerating the application of e-Invoking in the Republic of Croatia between public authorities, public and private companies, by improving the existing technical and organizational environment for the exchange of electronic invoices.

Future legislative framework for the exchange of e-Invoices in public procurement, e-Invoice exchange model for Croatia, information on the European standard for e-Invoicing, and important items for information intermediaries and other participants in the public procurement process were also presented.

The workshop was successful, with 42 participants who learned directly from Partners consortium about e-Invoicing exchange, its applications and the benefits it can bring, and about the immediate experience of using e-Invoicing and project implementation in the CEF Telekom program.

Geodetic surveying completely digitized since September

DGSS, a solution that simplifies and accelerates the implementation of digital geodetic surveys for geodetic contractors was presented today at the State Geodetic Administration.

The system contributes to the implementation of the measures envisaged by the National Reform Program 2018 related to strengthening the competitiveness of the economy through the improvement of the land registry and cadaster systems.

DGSS was developed and implemented by IGEA Varaždin, a member of IN2 Group, for the State Geodetic Administration.

DGSS is an application solution that provides full support for the Digital Geodetic Survey (DGS) to the licensed surveyors, following the entire process of downloading the initial data in the digital GML format, the preparation and making of the geodetic survey in digital format, to processing for electronic review and confirmation.

A new project for the State Geodetic Administration

The contract for the project “Development of the Application Solution and the Implementation of the Land Registry Infrastructure Information System and the Single Information Point” was signed today at the State Geodetic Administration. The client is the State Geodetic Administration – the consortium IGEA Ltd. (member of IN2 Group) and Ericsson Nikola Tesla have been selected at the public tender as project holders.

The goal of the project is to set up a system for managing, storing and distributing land registry infrastructure data for the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia, thereby improving the availability and download of the land registry infrastructure data to other state administration bodies, local self-government units, public companies and owners, i.e. infrastructure managers.

This information system will increase the level of communication between citizens and public administrations through greater and more transparent availability of the land registry infrastructure data.